Tuesday, September 20th, 2005-

French Curves

ONE YEAR BABY!! WOOOO! So it's back to this then? MY BIYEARLY UPDATE! And late, so as not to break tradition.

Okay, so, seriously, wtf? What is TAKING so long? Well, I don't really have an excuse for that, just my normal wanking about. Rampant perfectionism, yadda yadda yadda. I'm not COMPLETELY wasting my time though, if it makes you feel better.

I'm working on an entry for TokyoPop's Rising Stars of Manga contest. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

I'm still working on Ai-Yai-Yai concurrently though. Writing, anyway. As soon as I finish my entry, I'll jump right back to work on AYY. It'd be nice if I could at LEAST get it up by February, cause man, I put good money into dvega.net, and sofar it's just being used as my online junk-drawer. If I could get at least a meager amount of usage out of it during the first year of owning it I could at least be able to justify owning it for that year. Oh well.

I'll probably start on a simple side-comic (ala Cutewendy to Wendy) just so you guys have SOMETHING (cause believe it or not, I DO feel bad for leaving you all hanging for so damn long). I'll get back to y'all on that sometime... soon. (Actually soon this time. For real real, not for play play.)

And so on that note: