An absolutely adowabwe rendition of Noboru by my good friend Ice Dragon. "Kawaii~!"</otaku>
Another Noboru drawing, this one from Kitsune, this one with her eating one of those... Japanese... cracker.. thingies... ":3(>)"
Noboru seems to be the popular fanart subject so far(not surprisingly ;p) This one an oekaki'd chibi(? As if you can tell with Noboru ;p) rendition from TaeshiLH. --"I wanted to draw her doing something.. and I hate standing poses.. so I just made her stroll through a crappy background and smile at.. two little fireflies flying together ;.; OMG DEEP MEANING AFOOT. *Hit*"
Woo! Yaichiro fanart from Tetsuo! "Strike the pose! (Vogue vogue vogue v-*slapped*
Haha, another one from Tetsuo. Yaichiro's expression is priceless.
Another pic from Ice Dragon., this one with Noboru and Yaichiro dressed as Tikal (my personal favourite character) and Chaos 0 from Sonic Adventure.
Another fantastic oekaki from Taeshi. Pretty funny too, referencing that song that I DIDN'T get the title idea from! (I swear! XO )
Err, that's it for now... ;p

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